October 6, 1955


   We, the undersigned, hereby associate ourselves together for the formation of a proposed coporation, under the laws of Maine to be called  WESTPORT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

The purposes of said corporation are to promote any project or idea of value in furthering the best interests of the town of Westport or its residents, and to preserve property, buildings, monuments, records, and any other places or things of interest and historical value to the town of Westport, and to acquire by gift or purchase all real and personal property necessary for the carrying out of these purposes herein set forth.

Eleanor H. Siebert, Herbert B. Cromwell, Teresa S. Richardson, Ernest G. Graumann, Hazel S. Knight, Paul L. Hodgdon, Frank T. Greenleaf



Westport Community Association Reborn - (taken from Wiscasset Newspaper, March 1, 2001)

Charlotte Boynton

(Photo Charlotte Boynton)

The president of the Westport Community Association has announced that "This is the year of rejuvenation for the association. We want to encourage more people to get involved," said Sandra Crehore.

In planning events for the year, the goal of the group is "to make meetings varied and interesting to encourage attendance."

The association is planning an "Ice Breaker" exhibit Saturday, June 23 for artists and artisans of Westport. The invitation is extended to all crafters, woodworkers, photographers, quilters, anyone with a hobby or a craft.

The purpose of the exhibit is to provide a social forum "to acquaint resident families with creators and creations on the island." It will also give artists and artisans an opportunity to display their handiwork collectively.

There will be no sales at the forum. The participants will be able to make contacts and distribute business cards for future sales.

The event will also include a wine and cheese party.

Anyone interested in participating in the event is asked to contact Ken Shepherd, Cheryl Anderson or Sandra Crehore.

The association met last week at the town office to continue planning the 2001 programs.

Informational packets will be sent to all Westport taxpayers next month encouraging participation and membership in the association. Included in the mailing will be membership cards to be completed and returned.

Programs for this year will begin May 24, with a presentation by the Farnsworth Museum describing special collections, loans, acquisitions, museum history, and Wyeth collections.

Following the June Ice Breaker there will be a potluck supper July 17 with a program by the Silver Fox Dancers with time provided for the audience to learn some of their steps.

On August 18 there will be a clambake catered by Butch and Mary Brewer, along with a program by a Maine humorist.

On September 25 Earl Shettleworth from the Department of Historic Preservation will show slides made of old photo and glass slides by Joseph Leighton. Most of the early 1900 postcards of mid coast Maine, including some from Westport were made from Leighton's photos.

Shettleworth will also comment on the church and town hall as examples of early architecture.

Among the purposes of the association are the responsibility to promote any project or idea in furthering the best interests of the town, to preserve property, buildings, monuments, records and any other places or things of interest and historical value to Westport.

For future meeting dates contact the association president at 882-6278.


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