In 1774, Jeremysquam joined with Freetown, so called as a lawyer defended its law claims without fee, to become Edgecomb, Mass.  This proved to be a hardship for the residents of the island to get to town meetings, attend church, etc.  So in 1828 a petition was sent to the legislature by Samuel Tarbox with 73 signatures of the town residents - all male voters - asking that Jeremysquam become a separate town. We do not know why the town was called Westport as it is far removed from Eastport and really has not port;  but since the name is written in a different hand, someone in Portland may have chosen our name.

   By act of the legislature the town of Westport was formed in Feb. 1828 and at the first town meeting the following men were chosen to be the town officers 

   First Selectman                          Samuel Tarbox

   Second Selectman                      Abner Dunton

   Third Selectman                         John Parsons

   Tax Collector                             Ebenezer Greenleaf

   These names still persist on the island today, althought the town has increased in size from a population of 99 polls and 66 houses in 1828 to its period of greatest activity and wealth just prior to the Civil War.